The nights PVP started out fine. I played a game of Dota 2 and I picked Lich for the first time. It was the mode where you are presented with three champions and you have to pick one, so I went with the support. I always go with the support in MOBA games, partly because I suck at them. I got better at LoL, and now I’m back to square one with Dota 2. I really miss the combat of LoL, but I hate the runes/summoner spells that mean that no one is on an even footing necessarily.

The second game I was invited to a group by my best friend, who happens to be a massive curse for me. Everytime I group with him in any game it turns into an exercise in frustration and anger. That’s weird too, since we are both pretty good at the games we play, him usually better than me. But whenever we combine our powers, we get stomped. Tonight was no exception either, I played Lich again, trying to get better with him, and he played Drow. We took bottom, and we were holding our own. Sadly, our middle wasn’t doing anything and our top was getting destroyed. That’s when my own “skill” left and I started feeding the other team no matter how hard I tried not to. We ended up with only the towers in our base and we held them off for a good long while, and this is where I started getting back into my groove. We pushed back for a bit and it looked like we might have a small shot when we had a bad group battle and we all died. That was the end of the match, and we decided to take a break from Dota 2.

We moved over to Team Fortress 2 and this time my wife joined us. She is the best Medic I have ever seen in TF2, and that is ALL she does. Have I EVER seen her be anything else? Nope. Does she ALWAYS make a massive difference on the team she’s on? Yep. We started the night with me and my wife on one team, and my friend on the opposite. It became pretty apparent that the game was pretty one sided. Me and my wife can generally turn a match around together, me the Heavy and her the Medic, but we were stopped at every turn. Often they would cap a point and within 5 seconds have the next point capped as we had no rear guard. We lose several matches in a row, badly, until my friend was able to come over to our team. We managed to do pretty well that time and actually held the attackers off for most of the match, only losing in the last few minutes. This is when the server decided to scramble, since it was obviously not fair that we didn’t get squashed right away. I ended up on a team alone, and had to endure my wife and friend wiping the floor with my dignity for two matches before we all agreed that it was time to grab some dinner and take a break.

Meanwhile I’m sweating, angry to the point of shaking, and frustrated beyond belief. That is not good, I’m trying to stop myself from getting like that. Luckily my wife is awesome, we grabbed some dinner and we have some ice-cream in the fridge. As long as I take it easy the rest of the night I should be ok, but I can already feel that PVP adrenaline/frustration headache starting. Gonna grab some asprin and relax. See you all tomorrow with a new Let’s Play video.

Assassin’s Creed Revelations thoughts

I’m still working on my next Pixelated Zen Plays, it’ll be the continuation of our DCUO plays. Following that will be some Asura Guild Wars 2 gameplay, and then either the Sylvari or more DCUO gameplay. If you have a preference, let me know. Anyway, I just finished Assassin’s Creed Revelations, and I wanted to share with you my thoughts on that game, on the series so far, and show you a little kill I made in the game. First of all, the kill video.

I love that video, and I’m so happy that I was recording when it happened. As for my feelings on the game overall, I enjoyed it. I’d place it under Assassin’s Creed 2. For me, the series goes Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood >> Assassin’s Creed 2 >> Assassin’s Creed Revelations >> Assassin’s Creed. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED the original Assassin’s Creed and I think I was one of the very few people to ever finish the game. The story in Revelations I felt was the best in the series, but the new gameplay things they added aren’t all that fun. I almost never used the bombs, and the Tower Defense was alright but nothing special. The hookblade was awesome though, and sliding down ziplines is something I imagine I will miss in Assassin’s Creed 3.

Assassin’s Creed (the series) is my favorite series in gaming right now. Did the formula feel a bit stale by Revelations? Yes, to a degree, but everything about it appeals to me. I do wish they would go back to the middle-east setting of the first game, as I know how to speak Arabic and it made the game more enjoyable to hear those little snippets of information in Arabic and know what they were saying. Still, it’s the only series I have ever bought every iteration of (aside from the portables, which I don’t have the systems for), and enjoyed each and every one of them. I think the series is getting better every game, and this next one looks to do a large revamp and get rid of some of that sterile feeling. I will be interested to see how much assassinating you do as the first and second games were assassination heavy, while Brotherhood and Revelations felt more like you were the leader of an Assassin’s Guild. You didn’t need to stealth and get a single kill before escaping, you could just walk in sending out assassins to kill anything that stood in your way. Don’t mistake me, I really like both styles of gameplay, and Brotherhood and Revelations have the 100% Sync bonus objectives that can make it feel more like AC1&2, but they didn’t allow restarting a mission from a checkpoint, only from the beginning, so it felt more like a chore to get that than a pleasure.

Stay tuned for more Pixelated Zen Plays!