Pixelated Zen Presents: Nostalgialess Episode 2 + Addendum.

Here is the second episode of Nostalgialess, taking a look at The Amazing Spider-Man vs. Kingpin for the Sega Genesis. This isn’t the best thing I’ve done, and I’ve got some newer videos that I am MUCH prouder of. Still, I want to document my growth, and give you all something to watch while I do it.

And attached is the addendum, The Amazing Spider-Man vs. Kingpin for the Master System.


Pixelated Zen Plays DCUO Episode 005!

Episode 5 is out, and it’s interesting. It’s the first attempt at an on the fly commentary style, and I failed by having the audio about 5 seconds off. Still, episode 6 audio is fine, but I no longer have the original video for episode 5 so I can’t fix the audio problem. Sorry, it’s still enjoyable, just a few moments of weirdness that you may or may not notice.