Welcome to Pixel Zen!

Welcome to my blog. The idea behind this blog is to help me chronicle my attempts to avoid the blinding rage I’ve felt for years when playing some types of games. Specifically anything online and competitive, or even just games where I lose a lot. I’ve spent most of my life, now 28 years old, getting far too angry for no apparent reason, and only when it comes to video games. I’m honestly starting to worry that it’s going to kill me. As such, I’ve made a conscious decision to not get as angry with video games anymore, and to try to enjoy my time with them more. This blog will follow me as I try to explain why I get so angry, and also what I’m trying to do to help alleviate that anger. This may come in the form of stories following my exploits in gaming, or something I’ve thought of to help me deal with my anger. Stick around and read some more if you’re interested.